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Hello, I'm Christine

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Hi. I'm Christine Rodriguez. I am a licensed mental health counselor and a board-certified counselor. I specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders for children and adults. These disorders include OCD, selective mutism, separation anxiety, school refusal, and generalized anxiety disorder.  I also work with children and parents with ADHD. I am certified in Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD.  I also have specialized training in cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety, selective mutism, and insomnia.  I also coach and support families struggling with ADHD, executive functioning challenges, and social-emotional learning challenges. 

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My Approach with Individuals, Families, and Community

My approach is to work with children and their families. I teach families strategies that are concrete and immediately usable. There is an emphasis on practicing skills outside the counseling office. The skills are meant to change patterns and develop flexible thinking skills that are rooted in the goals and values of each person. This approach helps families handle stress and manage the challenges of daily life. I teach parents and children collaborative problem-solving skills that help improve communication and model problem-solving.  Families can utilize a variety of options that will fit their needs.I offer groups, coaching, supportive aftercare, and individual therapy. Each family is provided a consultation that assesses their needs. 

You can find out more information on my website or you can call 260-823-3100. You can also reach me by email at


Christine Rodriguez, MA, LMHC, NCC

6331 Constitution Drive

Fort Wayne, IN 46804


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