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Call 260-823-3100



$100 Per 50 minute session

$150 per 90 minute session

$200 per intake session (first session; 2 hours)

Group Sessions 

$50 for SPACE

$ 50 for CBT-I for Insomnia

no insurances accepted at this time

health savings accounts are accepted

teletherapy available

Christine Rodriguez, MA, LMHCA, NBCC

I am accepting clients with OCD at this time. 

If you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder I use ERP-Exposure and Response Prevention to treat OCD. ERP is usually between 12-20 sessions. The first session is 2 hours long and includes an extensive intake and assessment to determine what sub-type of OCD you have and if you require other types of therapy. 

SPACE for Parents with Anxious Children

You can find out more about our SPACE groups here. SPACE FOR PARENTS

If you have insomnia I run small groups via ZOOM online. These are small groups that last 1.5 hours with no more than 4 participants. For more information visit our Insomnia page

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