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Kelsey Darmochwal

Kelsey Darmochwal provides care tailored specifically for those who think and feel differently. She specializes in care for individuals who are Neurodiverse, including diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, Gifted/ High IQ, Twice Exceptional, and other learning disabilities.  If you or someone you love is struggling to connect with others or feels overwhelmed by tasks  they "should" be able to do, she can help! Kelsey also offers EMDR to help manage symptoms of trauma and the Safe and Sound Protocol - a special program to help individuals feel more centered and connected. 

Kelsey can help you:

- Find your strengths
- Improve awareness of emotions
- Improve the ability to balance facts and feelings
- Learn healthy ways to deal strong feelings 
- Process confusing or upsetting events 
- Improve assertive communication 
- Help to  improve concentration and organization
- Improve self-esteem
-  And, help you learn strategies and skills to move you towards your personal goals and values

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