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Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions

What is SPACE? 

SPACE teaches parents to recognize their child's behaviors, their own interactions to their child's anxiety, and to implement plans for reducing their child's anxious behaviors. THE CHILD DOES NOT NEED TO ATTEND. Parents maintain an empathic and supportive attitude towards their child while increasing parents' ability to work cooperatively to reduce child's anxiety and increase support. Parents are taught skills that will continue to support and help their child.  

Group Sessions are available

Group sessions are 1.15 hours for 6 weekly sessions.  Fees are $300 for 6 weeks. Credit cards, checks, and *HSA's are accepted. Sessions are conducted online via ZOOM. You can reserve a spot by calling us at 260-823-3100. Our next group is in January 2022.

Who provides SPACE?

Kim Fish, LCSW, LMHC, and Christine Rodriguez, MA, LMHCA,  are therapists trained by Dr. Lebowitz of the Yale School of Medicine to provide SPACE therapy to parents either in person or online.

CALL 260-823-3100 for session dates and costs. 

* check with your HSA to be sure the group is covered.

Parents and Daughter
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